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The success of your project is my ultimate goal. Through specialized, proven methodoloiges and extensive work experience across Fortune 100 organizations, I create and deliver high-profile, customer-driven strategies and initiatives that drive measurable results. My core philiosophy is that every employee and every leader makes a difference and impacts the success of any project. It is the collective effort of the group that drives organizational change and success.



As the Principal Consultant for MAD Consulting with more than 20 years experience in human capital development, I have the innate ability to assess business requirements and create multi-sensory, holistic, and innovative solutions to improve organizational performance.


Each of our customized solutions revolves around the values and brand of the organization coupled with the vision and passion of the leadership team. I pride myself on designing sustainable solutions that make a difference. My approach is to immediately recognize and embrace the culture, leadership influence, and brand to help lead teams and build customized business, process, or training solutions that elevate return on program investment through expert project management. 

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